How to Find Self-Published Books

I’ve had to take a small break from reading on account of school, but now that my term is winding down I’m at it again! I’ve had somewhat of a problem finding self-published books to purchase and review. I thought the Createspace store had books available from fellow self-published authors but I was wrong. Unless you know what you’re looking for the Createspace store is not user-friendly. Also, Amazon does not categorize books as self-published or indie published, so it’s not clear what type of book I’m looking at when I’m searching on There is a website out there though called that I will most likely find most of my future self-published books to review. is a self-publishing platform as well as a store packed full of self-published books just waiting to be read. If you’re interested in reading self-published books or publishing your own, check them out.
I purchased The Eye of Verishten from The author is K.E. Barron and so far it’s a pretty interesting read. I will post a review as soon as I have completed it but if you’re feeling froggy in the meantime, check out for yourself!

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