Monthly Writing Prompt – November 2021

You stare out at the world around you. Fifty years ago, the landscape looked much different, felt different. You recall a conversation you had with someone yesterday about it, and if you look closely, you can still see traces of the world that once was. You think about what has changed, the decisions that led to this, and wonder. Was it worth it?

**Muse Stimulators**

-What year is it?
-Was the character alive fifty years ago?
-What has changed?
-What does the landscape look like now?
-Colors? Sounds? Smells?
-How does the character feel?
-Is this earth or another planet?

Happy Writing!


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Author: MJ Pankey

MJ is a writer and writing consultant devoted to her muse and to helping other writers gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and unleash the story within. She offers multiple services on her platform,, and creates helpful content for writers on her youtube channel.

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