“Brothers in Arms” – Katie Trescott | Author Spotlight

“Thank you for your service.” We’ve all heard the phrase, maybe said it ourselves. But how many of us know what that service entails?

Katie Trescott’s short story, “Brothers in Arms”, beautifully captures the unseen burdens of two service members in a thoughtful and moving short story, published by Collateral Journal on 15 November 2021.

I first met Katie in 2019 when she joined the Augusta Writer’s Critique Group. She has submitted several inspiring manuscripts for critique, including “Brothers in Arms”, and I’m so excited to see her published.

Katie’s favorite genres to explore are female-centered adventures, fantasy, sci-fi, and the odd historical fiction. It’s been a delight working with her and I highly encourage you to read “Brothers in Arms” and discover Katie Trescott’s talented storytelling for yourself.

Follow her on Twitter @zombie4tres and stay tuned for more because Katie is just getting started on a very successful writing career!

Happy Writing!


Author: MJ Pankey

MJ is a writer and writing consultant devoted to her muse and to helping other writers gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and unleash the story within. She offers multiple services on her platform, mjpankey.com, and creates helpful content for writers on her youtube channel.

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