Monthly Writing Prompt | January 2023

Happy New Year!!! Here’s your monthly writing prompt to kick us off on a great year of writing!

You close your eyes, picturing it in your mind. Blood tingles through your veins as the image becomes more detailed, more vivid. It’s almost like you could reach out and grasp it. For a minute you wonder if you can, and if you could… would you?

Muse Stimulators

  • Does the POV want to picture this image or is it involuntary?
  • Is it a memory or something imagined for the future?
  • Is it something good or bad? how and why?
  • What would happen if the POV could grasp it, or if it could grasp the POV?
  • What does the POV learn from this image, and what do they do with the information?

Happy writing!


Author: MJ Pankey

MJ is a writer and writing consultant devoted to her muse and to helping other writers gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and unleash the story within. She offers multiple services on her platform,, and creates helpful content for writers on her youtube channel.

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