Monthly Writing Prompt | February 2023

Are you a writer looking for some inspiration for your next scene or story? Read this month’s writing prompt and let your Muse guide you:

Ping. Another one drops, and your heart races inside your chest. How many are there now? You’ve lost count. Ping. You try to remember all the ones that came before… it’s imperative that you keep track. Ping ping. Your mind scrambles, overwhelmed. It’s all just too much.

Muse Stimulators:

  • What is dropping?
  • Why does the POV need to keep track of the pings?
  • What will happen if the POV can’t keep up and what will happen if they do?
  • How did the POV get into this situation?
  • What happens next?

Happy Writing!


Author: MJ Pankey

MJ is a writer and writing consultant devoted to her muse and to helping other writers gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and unleash the story within. She offers multiple services on her platform,, and creates helpful content for writers on her youtube channel.

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