Monthly Writing Prompt | August 2023

The image flashes before you–a vision you’ve been anticipating, like a bubble swelling in your chest to the point of almost bursting. And now it’s here. No more waiting. You sweep your eyes over it, taking in every detail. And a new feeling begins to prickle across your skin.

Muse Stimulators:

  • What is the image that the POV has been waiting to see?
  • Is it what the POV expected, or different?
  • What is the new feeling seeping in? Excitement? Disappointment? Something else?
  • Why is this image so important to the POV?
  • What happens next?

Happy Writing!

Author: MJ Pankey

MJ is a writer and writing consultant devoted to her muse and to helping other writers gain confidence, overcome obstacles, and unleash the story within. She offers multiple services on her platform,, and creates helpful content for writers on her youtube channel.

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