Indie Review | Dragon Speaker, by Elana A. Mugdan

Dragon Speaker by Elana A. Mugdan

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Magic, power, and purpose are bestowed upon everyone in Elentria from birth, except for Karia. Born without magic, she isn’t even worthy of having a name in her village. But the dragon goddess Shivnath has other plans for Karia Nameless…

I listened to the audiobook of this and oh my goodness! What a thrilling and captivating read!

This is a YA fantasy novel about a girl without magic in a world where everyone has magic. Through a jaw-dropping/heart-stopping (literally) incident with the dragon goddess Shivnath, she’s forced to leave her hometown and shenanigans ensue.

This story has so much to offer! Dragons, humor, found family, some romantic tension, morally gray villains, morally dark villains, magic, a quest, magical creatures, just… everything, seriously. The pacing was perfect to world build, develop the characters, and keep me engaged from start to finish.

I adored this story. All three of the main characters had very unique voices. I loved Thorion. I even liked reading about the evil characters; they had personalities that were humorous and believable. And I 100% want more Bog Spectre.

The audiobook was also extremely well done. I tend to shy away from author read audiobooks simply because authors are usually not trained in voice acting like professional audiobook narrators are, and I find I usually enjoy reading the physical book more in those cases. However, Elana Mugdan blew this performance out of the Elentrian sky. Each character had a unique voice in both words and sound, and though I didn’t have a physical copy of the book to compare, I’m very glad I chose to experience this novel as an audiobook. It was top notch.

I absolutely hope the author has intentions for creating audiobooks for the rest of the series because I definitely want to continue this saga and hear my favorite characters speak to me whilst doing so.

If you’re looking for an amazing dragon book to read–maybe Fourth Wing didn’t do it for you, or maybe it did and you want more dragons–PICK THIS ONE UP! You will not be sorry!

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