ARC Review – Food for Thought, by Ariana Ferrante

Food For Thought by Ariana Ferrante

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A spectacular rendition of a classic tale we only thought we knew. Ferrante’s Food for Thought weaves a riveting narrative of love and loyalty, grief and hunger, and adds new dimension to the goddesses and gods of Ancient Greece. This is a retelling you won’t want to put down!

This little novelette is an excellent dose of Greek mythology, infused with a touch of horror, romance, and a delicious taste of righteous spite. Food for thought is a courageous and thought-provoking narrative showcasing the power women have when they combine their forces rather than tear each other down.

I highly recommend this story for lovers of Greek mythology, especially if you are looking for a quick read to satisfy an itch. I don’t often see horror and romance fused together but Ferrante pulls it off masterfully. This is a genre that, now that I have a taste, I would LOVE to read more of.

Food for Thought is available for purchase at every major retailer.

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