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I am an author, hoping to guide my writing career towards prosperity rather than sitting back and accepting that its current hobby status is the fulfillment of its potential.

There is a common misconception that self-published authors are not good enough to be published by a big publishing house like Apple or Random, and that is why they seek the self-publishing route.  This is just false.  In fact, since beginning this blog, the trend in self-publishing is rising dramatically, and there are tons of resources available for authors to make their writing better, publish easily, and create awesome covers (even hardcovers!) for self-published books.  The major element missing is advertising.

My objective for this blog is to read and review self-published books to get the word out about good self-published books and provide honest, constructive critiques.  The amazing thing about self-publishing is that you have the rights to update your novel when necessary and make it even better – if it needs it.

If you are the author of a self-published book, contact me.  I will purchase it (yes, I will buy it, I know the struggle is real) and write a review of your work right here on my site to help you promote.  Be warned, my review will be thorough and honest, and avoid spoilers which could detract from potential readers.

Don’t worry though, if I don’t have anything good to say about your book, I will provide you a constructive critique via email only, rather than blast it all over the online world.

I hope you find my website and mission interesting and worthy!  Please subscribe!  You can also find me on twitter @mjpankey1.

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