Monthly Writing Prompt | October 2022

The person in front of you is red-faced, jaw-clenched, fists balled at their sides, they look ready to punch something, or someone, and mad enough to do it. You stare, fumbling for words that won’t form. How can this situation get any worse? More importantly, how could it possibly get better? Muse Stimulators: Happy Writing!~MJ

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WIP Challenge – September 2022

Looking for a fun writing challenge to add comedy to your narrative and more distinct character voices? Write a scene where your character gets a superficial–but annoying–injury (stubbed toe, jammed finger, papercut, etc). Then make it a nuisance for following scenes. Happy Writing! ~MJ

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Monthly Writing Prompt | September 2022

You wish you knew how this would turn out. As you hesitate, everything that could go wrong swirls together in your head. You feel dizzy, shaky; the stakes suddenly appear much larger than they were just a moment ago. But then, what if it all goes according to plan? Muse Stimulators: Happy Writing!~MJ Petey says…

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Ultimate Writing Tool: The Writer’s Muse Focus Deck

Let me tell you a story… My name is MJ and I’ve been in love with storytelling since I was a child.  I never had trouble coming up with a rough plot or concepts for my stories, but once I started the actual writing part, I would always come to a place in the story…

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ARC Review | The Enigma Affair – by Charlie Lovett

Ex-military Patton Harcourt lives a quiet life as a librarian in small town North Carolina. When a sniper upsets her morning pastry making, she’s forced to team up with professional assassin Nemo to foil an elaborate neo-Nazi plot to discover Heinrich Himmler’s lost recipe for Alchemy. If Patton and Nemo do not get to it…

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