Home of the Self-Published Reviewer

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the Home of the Self-Published Reviewer!  This website is dedicated to all the Self-Published authors out there craving the recognition they deserve.

As a self-published author myself, I understand the struggles of marketing, gaining reader interest, and oh yes, the “Royalties Earned” column that never seems to change for the self-published writer.

After some online research I found little evidence suggesting that people are willing to read or buy self-published books outside of immediate family and friends.  Big publishing houses have a reputation for releasing well edited, interesting books to the market.   And let’s face it, what credibility does a self-published author have?  Nada.  The idea that it’s worth a reader’s time and money just doesn’t exist for self-published books. But this is a false view.  There are tons of good books that are self-published, and I’m on a mission to review as many as I can and prove it.

If you have a self-published book or know someone who does,  post a comment below with the title of the book and the author’s name.  I will purchase it, read it, and review it here on my website.

Check out my “Book Reviews” section to read all my book reviews so far, and feel free to check out the “About the Author” section to learn about me if you want.

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