Isle of Elandia: Bloodline

This is the story of 3 young men, Dargon, Kelric, and Gadnor, and their struggle to lead a rebellion against a neglectful king.  Before they can begin to lay out their plans, however, they are betrayed and become wanted men.  The cover description follows:

The Isle of Elandia has been plagued by famine for eight long years, and the inhabitants are now restless and desperate for help. The divine bloodline of King Danduel has been broken, and a rumor that the goddess of the island is angry has crept into the troubled souls in every realm. Lords Dargon and Ragond are in agreement that King Delig is not fulfilling his duties to his people, and begin preparations to supplant him. Amidst the chaos of impending war, actions are taken with deadly consequences, and secrets are revealed which threaten to tear asunder their close alliance. Uncertainty overshadows every next move, and they will soon discover that far more powerful forces are at work which will ultimately decide the fate of the island and its inhabitants forever. The holy throne will soon be at the forefront of a bloody conflict dominated by treachery, sorcery, and greed. It will be a war that will test all bonds of love, family, loyalty, and honor, and leave desolation and destruction of immortal proportions in its wake.

I’ve been writing this series for a little over a decade now.  If you’re looking for something with wit, myth, magic, action, and romance, perhaps you will find this to your liking.  It started out as a medieval setting but through many revisions has slowly transformed into a tale with a unique mixture of Ancient Greek mythology and medieval fantasy.

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Isle of Elandia: Bloodline