Critique Groups and Their Value

I recently went on a business trip and meet up with some of my colleagues from around America, one of them is a published author.  Not a very big author, but an author nonetheless.  I realized that there are many things that I just have no clue about when it comes to writing, largely because… Continue reading Critique Groups and Their Value

How to Find Self-Published Books

I've had to take a small break from reading on account of school, but now that my term is winding down I'm at it again! I've had somewhat of a problem finding self-published books to purchase and review. I thought the Createspace store had books available from fellow self-published authors but I was wrong. Unless… Continue reading How to Find Self-Published Books

Vixen, by Sarah Catherine Muth – Review

I stumbled across this self-published book quite by accident. I was at a coffee shop called TeaLoha and on the bulletin board next to the restrooms there was a business card advertising this book. That caught my attention, and giving the author props for this advertising helping me stomach the $24 including shipping costs to… Continue reading Vixen, by Sarah Catherine Muth – Review

The Phantom of April, by Heath Frye – Review

The Phantom of April is a 235 page novel written by Heath Frye.  The author's description reads: As an Evangelical Christian, Jacob Lumin has it all: a wife, a young daughter, and a promising career as an officer in the Army and part-time youth minister. When adversity strikes and a series of unforeseen tragedies befall… Continue reading The Phantom of April, by Heath Frye – Review

The Eggless Club, by Eugene Saint – Review

The Eggless Club is a 230 page book written by Eugene Saint.  The author description reads: THE EGGLESS CLUB — The Greatest Adventure of All Time. Ever! They just don’t come any greater. Except for that one thing… If you’ve ever woken up surrounded by strange beasts, gotten beat over a marble, lit your leg… Continue reading The Eggless Club, by Eugene Saint – Review

Coming Soon! The Eggless Club Review

Hey Everyone!  It's been several days since I posted a review.  I'm currently reading The Eggless Club by Eugene Saint.  So far, this book is great!  I am thoroughly enjoying this work, it's full of humor, innocence, and intrigue.  I'm sharing my reading time with writing the Isle of Elandia Book 2 and papers for… Continue reading Coming Soon! The Eggless Club Review

Review of The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales

This is a 140 page book of short poems written by Tom Burleigh and illustrated by Kay Dawson. The listing description reads: A darkly humored selection of charmingly illustrated story poems. Tom Burleigh and Kay Dawson rain down misery on their oddball characters, and in doing so have created a book that beautifully blends together… Continue reading Review of The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales