Progression of a Soul: Featuring the Lay of Elandia

The Progression of soul is a book of poems I wrote over several years.  The first half of the book are poems that I wrote when I was a child, they are mostly poems about ideas or concepts and are very simple.

The second half of poems are written when I was 23 and going through a really hard time.  I found an outlet for my frustration in poetry.  They are really passionate and sometimes may be hard to read, but they are written in the order they were conceived, and I believe there is a clear progression of my soul during this time.

The Lay of Elandia is an epic poem I began writing when I was around 13 years old.  I wrote it to accompany my Isle of Elandia series as the history of the island and planned to incorporate the epic into my books in stages throughout the story, as if one of my characters was singing the epic as the books progressed.  I abandoned this idea however and decided to finish it as a whole epic and publish it along with my poems.

The listing can be found here:

The Progression of Soul: Featuring the Lay of Elandia