Manuscript Critique

Perfect for manuscripts in first or second draft needing unbiased feedback.

I will read and assess your manuscript, evaluating plot and character development, tension, flow, and pace, and provide an honest evaluation to identify problems areas. I will also address any specific questions or concerns you have with your manuscript, leaving in-line comments and suggestions throughout to help you hone your writing style and guide your next revision. Offer includes conscious language feedback.

In addition to in document comments, I will also provide a summary report with specific examples of inconsistencies and frequent offender issues, and give suggestions how to improve your manuscript during your next revision.

$10 for Flash-Fiction pieces (up to 2,000 words)

1 cent/word for Short Stories, Novellas, and Novels

Alpha Reader Pledge:

Trusting an early-stage manuscript to another pair of eyes can be daunting. You can rest assured that I will read and critique constructively, reserving judgement, and giving you the feedback your manuscript needs to hook and engage your reader.

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Satisfaction guarantee:

Not sure about my services?
Send me the first 5000 words and I will offer some feedback and advice. If you like how I work, we will continue with a plan that will meet your needs.

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