WIP Challenge – March 2023

Time for another monthly writing challenge!

Consider a time when you felt embarrassed by something or someone. Remember your emotions, your physical sensations, how you reacted.

Now write a scene in your story that would elicit the same reaction from your main character.

Work this incident into their character development arc.

Happy Writing!


WIP Challenge – January 2023

Write a short description of something important to your character. Include where it came from, why it’s important to your MC, if it’s value is monetary, sentimental, or functional, and how your character typically interacts with it.

Now write a short scene where your character loses this thing. Address the following elements:

  • How is it lost?
  • What does your character feel?
  • How do they interact with their environment after?
  • How does this impact their relationships with other characters? Consider short term and long term impact.
  • How does this influence what they do next?

Happy writing!


WIP Challenge – December 2022

Take your character into a densely populated place. Take time to describe the colors, smells, sounds. Weave the chaos of it into your character’s journey through. Do they overhear something? Do they get bumped or shoved in the melee?

Happy Writing!


WIP Challenge – October 2022

Incorporate an extreme weather condition into your narrative. Show how this affects your character’s mood, attire, living space, and choices for the continuation of their journey.

Happy Writing!


Monthly Writing Prompt | October 2022

The person in front of you is red-faced, jaw-clenched, fists balled at their sides, they look ready to punch something, or someone, and mad enough to do it. You stare, fumbling for words that won’t form. How can this situation get any worse? More importantly, how could it possibly get better?

Muse Stimulators:

  • Is the person mad at the POV or someone else?
  • What relationship does this person have to the POV?
  • What happened to make this person mad?
  • How does the POV feel about the situation?
  • What happens next?

Happy Writing!

WIP Challenge – August 2022

Ready to add depth to your work in progress (WIP) with a new writing challenge?

Write a scene in the place where your main character (MC) feels the safest. Draw attention to the elements or characteristics that contribute to their feeling of safety.

Happy Writing!

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