Media Writing Prompt | October 2021

What if you found an ancient sword in the middle of a lake? Watch this clip below: Now write a story or poem inspired by this clip. Let your creativity take you wherever it will or keep reading for muse stimulators if you would like suggestions. Muse Stimulators: Who was the original owner?How did… Continue reading Media Writing Prompt | October 2021

Monthly Writing Prompt – October 2021!

The edge of the platform begins at the tip of your toes. You stare down into a seemingly endless abyss. There's a roaring sound in your ears. Goosebumps raise on your arms, and your heart races faster and faster. This is it. This is the moment. This is the moment your life changes forever. **Muse… Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompt – October 2021!

Word Prompt | September 2021

Stimulate your Muse with this one-word prompt! I recommend going somewhere quiet with your laptop or pen and paper and thinking about this word for at least 3 minutes. Ambition What images come to mind? What emotions? What memories? What desires? Now write. Happy Writing! ~MJ

Monthly Writing Prompt – September 2021

What a better way to begin a new month than with a writing prompt? I hope you enjoy this one! A song is playing. The rhythm tingles into your limbs, stirring emotions deep within. A memory springs up, a painful one. It weaves its way from a blurry whisper into a vivid imagining that feels… Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompt – September 2021

Monthly Writing Prompt – August 2021

Hello everyone! Here is another writing prompt to help stimulate your muse! Hope you enjoy! ***Writing Prompt*** There is red in the air. From every angle, it's all that can be seen, or is just all that you can see? Beads of wet liquid are running down your skin. Your awareness pushes away from the… Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompt – August 2021

Monthly Writing Prompt – July 2021

It has been a really long time since I posted anything to this blog and a lot has taken place in that space but I am back and ready to put fingers to keyboard again! I want to begin with something small: A writing prompt. I host a local writers critique group in my area… Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompt – July 2021