Ben Monroe

“MJ Pankey recently edited my novel the Seething, where she polished the book both on a macro and micro level. Her structural and continuity comments were clear and useful, and she caught numerous tiny errors which had snuck through many rounds of my own editing and proofreading. MJ’s thoughtful feedback significantly improved my book. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Katie Trescott

MJ has made a tremendous difference in my writing quality and publication outcomes. She provides invaluable feedback, holds me accountable, and is a source of unending encouragement. With her guidance, I achieved my first ever publication, and I am sure that with her continued influence, I will continue to grow my credentials.”

Laura Marden

I’ve gone from a hobbyist writer to publishing my short fiction and MJ has been involved every step of the way, encouraging me and offering invaluable critiques. She is passionate and professional with an eye for details that will polish your writing style and help your voice shine through.”

Michelle Bureau

As a high school English teacher, I have always been comfortable giving criticism, but was always shy about sharing my own work until I met MJ. In the two years since I have started working with her, I have seen my writing improve tenfold. Her writing advice is always constructive and presented in a kind way that makes me feel at ease offering up my work for critique. 

MJ has a firm grasp of writing concepts from basic grammar usage and line editing to plot structure, pacing, character arcs, and natural dialogue. She is thorough with her critiques, and consistently meets deadlines. 

Finding a good beta reader is invaluable for any manuscript and MJ is the best I have ever worked with.”

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