Writing is a Journey filled with obstacles. Moments of doubt. Conflict. Defeat. Sometimes all that is needed to keep moving forward is to happen upon someone who will face those challenges with you.

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mjpankey.com is a professional services platform for writers, offering manuscript critique, proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing services to help you polish and perfect your story. MJ Pankey also blogs book reviews and writing tips, and creates workshop videos and training sessions on her YouTube channel. “My mission is to provide the tools and wisdom you need for your writing journey.”


Manuscript Critique

Unbiased feedback and assessment for manuscripts in first or second draft.

Developmental Editing

In-depth review for manuscripts before submitting to a publisher or agent.

Proofreading and Copyediting

Final touch-up to correct residual errors in word usage and punctuation.

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“As a high school English teacher, I have always been comfortable giving criticism, but was always shy about sharing my own work until I met MJ. In the two years since I have started working with her, I have seen my writing improve tenfold. Her writing advice is always constructive and presented in a kind way that makes … Continue reading “Michelle Bureau”

Michelle Bureau

“MJ is an invaluable resource for a writer. She always knows exactly how to propel me and my writing forward, challenging me to think outside the box.” 

Haley Whaley

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Monthly Writing Prompt | August 2022

Wind whistles outside. Damp creeps in. With a silent groan, you brace yourself to face whatever madness awaits. You always knew this day would come, you just hadn’t anticipated it would be quite so…wet. Muse Stimulators Where is your character?What madness awaits?Why is it so wet?How does your character feel about what awaits them?What happens next? Happy Writing!~MJ…

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