Writing is a Journey filled with obstacles. Moments of doubt. Conflict. Defeat. Sometimes all that is needed to keep moving forward is to happen upon someone who will face those challenges with you.

About MJ Pankey’s site

mjpankey.com is a professional services platform for writers, offering one-on-one consultation, manuscript critique, and developmental editing services to help you iron out the details of your story. In addition to writing services, MJ Pankey also blogs book reviews and writing tips, and creates workshop videos and training sessions on her YouTube channel. “My mission is to provide the tools and wisdom you need for your writing journey.”


Narrative Consultation

Brainstorm past writer’s block and smooth out any plot or character issues.

Manuscript Critique

Unbiased feedback for manuscripts in first or second draft.

Developmental Edit

In-depth review for manuscripts before submitting to a publisher or agent.

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“MJ has made a tremendous difference in my writing quality and publication outcomes. She provides invaluable feedback, holds me accountable, and is a source of unending encouragement. With her guidance, I achieved my first ever publication, and I am sure that with her continued influence, I will continue to grow my credentials.”

Katie Trescott

“MJ Pankey recently edited my novel the Seething, where she polished the book both on a macro and micro level. Her structural and continuity comments were clear and useful, and she caught numerous tiny errors which had snuck through many rounds of my own editing and proofreading. MJ’s thoughtful feedback significantly improved my book. I highly recommend her and … Continue reading “Ben Monroe”

Ben Monroe

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