Monthly Writing Prompt – July 2021

It has been a really long time since I posted anything to this blog and a lot has taken place in that space but I am back and ready to put fingers to keyboard again! I want to begin with something small: A writing prompt. I host a local writers critique group in my area… Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompt – July 2021

Adding Art to Your Book

Most authors plan to have an elaborate cover for their book.  We've all heard the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" but.... we all judge books by their covers, so making sure we have a good one for our own is at the top of our pre-publishing checklist. What about art throughout the… Continue reading Adding Art to Your Book

Systemic Racism and White Ignorance: White Privilege

I've seen a lot of social media posts from white people saying they have not experienced white privilege.  I have also received scathing letters from relatives explaining all the reasons why white privilege doesn't apply to them. Yet some whites are calling out white privilege and circulating #blacklivesmatter content on social media with a vengeance.Why do… Continue reading Systemic Racism and White Ignorance: White Privilege

Review: I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal

I was skeptical how good this book might be because one of its coauthors, Kimberly Jones, had a video about racism and social contracts that went pretty viral after the death of George Floyd. Part of me thought this book's popularity was hype surrounding that. I was 300% wrong. This book had me turning the… Continue reading Review: I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal

Systemic Racism and White Ignorance: a Deep-Seated Coexistence

"This was a nice town before the blacks took over." I heard this phrase more times than I can count growing up in the southern United States. As a kid, I didn't think much about it. As an educated adult, I'm appalled. Crime statistics are quoted repeatedly to justify the use of this phrase, and… Continue reading Systemic Racism and White Ignorance: a Deep-Seated Coexistence

Content – When To Cut

You've worked diligently on your manuscript for months, maybe years, every word is where it should be, all of your scenes written perfectly to tell the tale. Right? Wrong. As you go back through to tighten up your book, it's natural to find a few things that don't flow. Maybe an idea you weaved in… Continue reading Content – When To Cut

Revisiting Inkitt

Inkitt, the online publishing platform where authors can upload their book and get readers, reviews, and feedback for free! Inkitt might even offer you a publishing deal if it looks like it has best seller potential--based off of reader analytics collected every time your readers click on your book. It sounds amazing. So how is… Continue reading Revisiting Inkitt

Dialogue Tags and Reading Culture

The greatest literary works are drowning in dialogue tags, but a lot of authors today are ditching them where ever they can. Why? Shouldn't we follow the example of the greats? It depends. To really understand why this norm has changed, you really need to understand the changing culture of reading as a pasttime. Books… Continue reading Dialogue Tags and Reading Culture

Evolution of a Manuscript: Part 2 – Microsoft Word to PDF

In Evolution of a Manuscript part 1, we discussed scribbling your first draft on the go with gmail (or anything else handy), and then transferring it to your computer to beef it up in your designated writing space. Now, the next step is to take that piece and edit, edit, edit, and edit again. In… Continue reading Evolution of a Manuscript: Part 2 – Microsoft Word to PDF

2020 – Week 12 and Covid-19

Welp, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, my kid has been home because the daycare is closed, and even though I've been home a lot this week too, I haven't been able to accomplish a whole lot story wise. I still haven't met my last goal. In fact, yesterday is the first day I've… Continue reading 2020 – Week 12 and Covid-19