The Eggless Club, by Eugene Saint – Review

The Eggless Club is a 230 page book written by Eugene Saint.  The author description reads:

THE EGGLESS CLUB — The Greatest Adventure of All Time. Ever! They just don’t come any greater. Except for that one thing… If you’ve ever woken up surrounded by strange beasts, gotten beat over a marble, lit your leg on fire, endured a “steamy” beach scene, suffered wounds of unknown reptilian origin, mastered the Slimy Worm technique of ground navigation, and been latched onto by the ghost of Old Lady Johnson – all in one day – then there’s probably little need for you to read this book. To anyone else – follow me. I’ll show you what I mean. Things get pretty interesting after that, but… it’s probably best to start at the beginning…. THE EGGLESS CLUB is a tale of perilous quest — complete with stories fetched along the way. The heartwarming, belly laughing, recounting of the real life adventures of a real kid in a simpler time. A kid about your age… back then.

A friend of mine gave me this book to read almost 3 years ago and I must admit I did not feel compelled to read it until I had this bright idea to start this website.  So, I grabbed this book off of my bookshelf, blew the dust off and began to read it.

The lazy review of this book is:  If you enjoy the Little Rascals, you will love this book.

Here is the in depth review of this book:

This book is about a boy and his friends (The Eggless Club) and their many adventures growing up in the northern region of the United States, back during a time before TV and video games were a child’s only past time, during a time when children actually had to physically interact and speak with their friends, instead of stare at them through pictures on social media and converse via text messages.  The entertainment, the creativity, and just the craziness of each story literally had me laughing out loud as I read through this book.  I am genuinely envious of the fun I read about.  Part of me really wishes that there were some place on this earth just like this, so that my own future kids could grow up there and have a childhood with all the adventure and craziness that these kids had, were forced to have because technology and society had not yet turned into what it is today.  And the other part of me is thankfully glad that it’s a thing of the past only because nearly all of the things these kids did for fun was extremely dangerous.  As a parent, I would probably have a heart attack if my kids did half of what the Eggless Club did.  But I really wish I had grown up with this much fun anyway.

The way the book is written is reminiscent of the way stories are told around a campfire.  Eugene Saint literally tells you the story of his childhood as though he were speaking to you face to face about it, and yet he does it in such a way that I really felt as though I were one of the gang, like I was there experiencing the excitement with them.  The details were so well incorporated that I got the whole picture.  I could see what was happening, and I really appreciated that, and I did feel like I was there having fun with those kids.

Because this describes the childhood of a kid during a time that is so long gone from anything anyone could grow up experiencing today, I really did not know what was going to happen next and it kept me turning pages.  What trouble or crazy thing were they going to try next?  The editing is very well done, there was a word or two that was misspelled, but with the content of the story being so good I really did not care.  It did not take away any of my pleasure from this book.  The book flows well from start to finish.  Eugene Saint paints the picture of the setting in the first few chapters very well, every character has his place.  The many side stories he adds in are riddled with humor and always add a new depth to the current adventure.  It’s like an oreo cookie.  There’s a layer on top and a layer on the bottom, and then creme in the middle with every adventure, and no matter which way you eat it, it’s never disappointing.  Each story and side quest culminates into one big adventure which ties so well together at the end of the book.  This book was absolutely delightful and I highly, highly, highly recommend that you give it a read.  This book is listed on here:

The Eggless Club – Eugene Saint

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